Earth-Energy Medicine Healing Disclaimer

  • I understand that Shamanic healings are hands-off methods of energy balancing that are gentle, yet can bring up emotions such as sadness or anxiety, as examples, when the underlying cause has yet to be resolved.  

  • I undersand that it is important to know that this is normal and will be worked through with my practitioner during my session.  

  • I understand that these feelings typically pass, either during my session time or in the days that follow.

  • I understand that the Earth-Energy Medicine, LLC practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatments, substances, offer counseling or other psychological services, nor do they interfere with the treatment of licensed medical professionals.  

  • I understand that Shamanic healings do not take the place of medical care.  

  • I understand that the services provided by Earth-Energy Medicine, LLC practitioners can compliment any medical or psychologial care I may be receiving.  

  • I acknowledge that oftentimes more than one healing session is required to reach the level of healng I desire and Earth-Energy Medicine, LLC practitioners cannot guarantee any specifc results.  

  • I understand that my information and sessions are completely confidential but there are a few circumstances where Earth-Energy Medicine, LLC practitioners would be required to release session information.  These circumstances include evidnce of abuse, potential self-harm, or potential harm towards others, or in the rare case where a practioner would receive a subpoena.

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